Player Profiles

Tom Kenny

Football Player
Name: Tom Kenny
Nickname: The Big Kahuna
Age: 23

Preferred Playing Position: Midfield
AFL Team: Essendon
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: Milk
Celebrity Crush: Hannah Mouncey
Favorite Movie: Moana
Hobbies: Knitting

Chris Lewis

Football Player
Name: Chris Lewis
Nickname: Graham, Stiffy
Age: 27
Preferred Playing Position: mid/fwd
AFL Team: Collingwood
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: Long Island Iced Tea
Celebrity Crush: Steve Harvey
Favorite Movie: Happy Gilmore
Hobbies: the flute

Travis Rowley

Football Player
Name: Travis Rowley
Nickname: Fruitbat
Preferred Playing Position:Forward pocket
AFL Team: Turvey Park Bulldogs
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: Sparkling Water
Celebrity Crush: Relton Roberts
Favorite Movie: 50 shades of grey
Hobbies: studying, training for footy.

Hannah Egan

Netball Player
Name: Hannah Egan
Nickname: Han, H
Age: 20
Preferred Playing Position: GA
AFL Team: Dees
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: Espresso Martini
Celebrity Crush: Zac Efron
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter
Hobbies: Netflix, Footy, Netty

Hannah Douglas

Netball Player
Name: Hannah Douglas
Nickname: Hannah
Age: 26
Preferred Playing Position: WA, C, GA
AFL Team: Geelong
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: Beer/Espresso Martini
Celebrity Crush: Kris Smith
Favorite Movie: Love Actually
Hobbies: Running and Couch Time

Emma Draffin

Netball Player
Name: Emma Draffin
Nickname: Draff
Age: 23
Preferred Playing Position: C/WD
AFL Team: Carlton
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: Cider
Celebrity Crush: Ryan Gosling
Favourite Movie: Mean Girls
Hobbies: Eating and sleeping

Jacinta Traeger

Netball Player
Name: Jacinta Traeger
Nickname: Cinna
Age: 27
Preferred Playing Position: GA, GS
AFL Team: Richmond
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: Mojito

Karina Campbell

Netball Player
Name: Karina Campbell
Age: 32
Preferred Playing Position: Defence
AFL Team: Bombers by default
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: Anything alcoholic
Celebrity Crush:  Brendan Fevola
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Hobbies: Netball and Writing
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