Player Profiles

Fotini Gniel

Netball Player
Name: Fotini Gniel
Nickname: Tini, Fotz
Age: 28
Preferred Playing Position: C/WD
AFL Team: Essendon
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: Amaretto Sour
Celebrity Crush: Ryan Gosling
Favorite Movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Hobbies: Binge watching Netflix… and netball of course

Shane Campbell

Football Player

Matthew Costantino

Football Player

Tom Stait

Football Player

Makayla Bulte

Netball Player
Age: 21

Nickname: Mak
Preferred Playing Position: C / WD
AFL Team: Melbourne
Favorite Movie: Stick it

Annabelle Ryan

Netball Player
Age: 20
Preferred Playing Position: GS/GK
AFL Team: Geelong
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: Mojito
Celebrity Crush: Justin Bieber
Favorite Movie: Titanic
Hobbies: Netball, travelling

Beth Wilson

Netball Player
Age: 30

Preferred Playing Position: GA
AFL Team: Richmond
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: any cider or gin
Celebrity Crush: Ryan Reynolds
Favorite Movie: the proposal
Hobbies: netball.. just netball.

Domica Wescombe

Netball Player
Age: 28

Nickname: Dom, Domi
Preferred Playing Position: C/WD
AFL Team: North Melbourne
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: CC & dry
Celebrity Crush: Chris Hemsworth
Favorite Movie: The Bench Warmers
Hobbies: all other sports, eating out

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