Player Profiles

Adam Wakeling

Football Player
Age: 22
Nickname: Wakes
Preferred Playing Position: ruck/fwd
AFL Team: St Kilda
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: Lemon Lime bitters
Celebrity Crush: Emma Watson
Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight
Hobbies: Cricket Footy Netflix

Anthony O’Shea

Football Player
Age: 26

Nickname: Shea/O’Shea #2
Preferred Playing Position: Full Back
AFL Team: Collingwood
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: Glass of Red
Celebrity Crush: Eugenie Bouchard
Favorite Movie: Frozen & Remember the Titans
Hobbies: Taxi driving for the Poms, Sudokus & Carpool Karaoke

Adam Ballard

Football Player
Age: 30

Preferred Playing Position: The Wing!
AFL Team: St Kilda
Favourite Drink/Cocktail: Rum Runner
Celebrity Crush: Margot Robbie
Favorite Movie: Skyfall
Hobbies: Basketball & yoga

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